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2021 Calendar


2021 Events Calendar


 FNQ Motorsports
Tepon Raceway or Rally Sports Park
Bitumen Springmount NQKC-Series
Dates to be confirmed
Rally-Sprints-TargaSpringmount Hill climbs & hill sprints QLD Rally Championship
FebruaryR1 27th- 28th
R2 9thR1 13th - 14th5th-7th TARGA High Country
MarchR2 27th- 28th
R3 21stR2 13th- 14th20th Raceway event

27th Raceway event
R1 28th GSCC Hill Climb
R1 27th HQ Manumbar
AprilR3 17th - 18th
R4 18thR3 10th-11th19th-24th TARGA Tasmania17th Drag Racing
MayR4 29th- 30th
R5 23rdR4 15th - 16th R1 1st- 2nd Proserpine7-9 Raceway event

29th Drag Racing
R2 & R3 1-2 GSCC Hill ClimbR2 15th Gympie HQ-TBC
JuneR5 26th- 27th
Jason Bender/John Palm Memorial
R6 20thR5 12th - 13th R2 5th-6th
Charters Towers Townsville
19th Raceway event
JulyR6 24th - 25th
NQK Series
R7 11thR6 3rd - 4th R3 24th-25th
FNQ Motorsports Tepon
10th Raceway event

31st Drag Racing
9-11 Gold Hill Sprint

R4 25th GSCC Hill Climb
AugustR7 28th - 29th
Embers Tepon
R8 7th- 8th Interclub R1R7 14th - 15th 20th-21st Raceway event

6th-7th Tropical meltdown
30th Gold Hill Sprint
SeptemberR8 25th - 26th
Interclub challenge R2 FNQ Tepon
R9 12th3rd-5th TARGA Great Barrier Reef18th Raceway event5th-6th Gold Hill Sprint

R5 & R6 18th-19th GSCC Hill Climb
R3 4th Imbil HQ Imbil Showgrounds
OctoberR9 23rd - 24th
R10 2nd- 3rd NQK Series

R11 17th
R8 9th - 10th R4 2nd -3rd
15th-18th Bathurst 100016th Raceway eventR4 23rd HQ Mundubbera Showgrounds
November27th - 28th
Kingys Cup FUN RUN
Tepon Memorial of Graham King
R12 21stR9 13th - 14th TARGA High Country
4th December
location TBA
R13 5th

12th Dec Presentation
4th December Presentations
Location TBA

Preliminary Calendar for 2021. Updated 14/02/2019. Series dates to be confirmed.

If an event is weather effected we will advise if it’s postponed or cancelled via Facebook and this website.