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Junior Motorkhana

Motorsports Australia REGULATIONS


(a) All vehicles must comply with Schedule A of the NCR (refer “General Requirements for Cars and Drivers” in the CAMS Manual). All vehicles defined as a special by Group 4H must comply with Motorkhana Cars – Group 4H vehicle requirements (refer “Auto Test” in the Motorsports Australia Manual of Motor Sport).

(b) All competing vehicles shall be scrutineered for safety and eligibility before the start of the event, including any convoy run. Particular attention will be paid to brakes, steering and tyres.

(c) The Clerk of the Course shall rule on the acceptability of any vehicle to compete in the event and on the class in which it shall compete. Acceptable standards of presentation and condition must be met.

(d) A driver whose vehicle has broken down may use a replacement vehicle, provided the consent of the Clerk of the Course has first been obtained. The replacement vehicle must be scrutineered, should preferably be in the same class as the original vehicle, and must be used for the remainder of the competition.

(e)  A fire extinguisher of at least 900g capacity, complying with Schedule H of the NCR (refer “General Requirements for Cars and Drivers”) must be fitted.


(a) Drivers must hold a current Motorsports Australia Non-Speed Licence (formerly Level 2NS/2NSJ or higher licence). No driver shall be under the age of 12 years.

(b) Drivers 12 and 13 years of age must be accompanied by an experienced instructor, as approved by the Clerk of the Course. It is recommended that 12- and 13-year-old drivers participate in a Junior Development Program or CAMS Ignition Program before competing in Khanacross events.

(c) No driver shall enter a Khanacross in more than one car.

(d) For open vehicles and specials, neck to wrist to ankle clothing must be worn.

(e) All drivers must wear suitable and appropriate footwear whilst competing. NCR 141(vii).

(f) All drivers shall wear a safety helmet complying with a standard listed in Schedule D of the NCR (refer “General Requirements for Cars and Drivers”).

(g) Goggles or a helmet with visor (to AS 1609-1981) must be worn in all open cars and in closed cars which have the windscreen removed.

(h) At least a three-point seat belt, properly adjusted, must be worn while competing.

(i) Any driver or official who consumes or is visibly affected by alcohol or drugs during an event (NCR 145A), shall be excluded from the event and dealt with in accordance with the NCR.



Secured battery, Horn, Full panel car and bumpers, No Crack in Windscreen, Covered Shoes, Cotton Clothing, Helmet with no Rust, Neck Brace (optional). Also follow CAMS Regulations.

2021 Rules and Regs for Gravel Khanacross