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Our Regulations Run by Motorsports Australia approved and also have club safety regulations. MUST BE APPLIED BY.

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Fnq motorsports club is a family activity where you race to your ability with time. This is the place where you can have competitive fun on a shoestring budget. We offer dirt khanacross (short course rally) and bitumen sprint racing under controlled, supervised and friendly conditions. We’re not racing for sheep stations here, just having a ton of fun.


Khanacross & Junior Motorkhana

is a short course dirt rally. We run events usually once per month. It maybe a single day event or a two day event where camping is an option. We are family orientated and children over 12 can compete in junior motorkhana, over 12 years can compete in Khanacross. (Check events schedule)

There are two locations, which the club races at. Tepon Raceway, near Herberton and Rally Sport Park Mareeba. Over time we have created a series of varied tracks through open fields and through timbered forests. Each track is marked by hats and or arrows. Each run on any particular track is timed and penalties are given for striking course markers etc. No track is run more then three times with out change. All times and penalties are accumulated to determine the overall standings for the day or weekend with a presentation at the end.



we currently run a bitumen Khanacross at Springmount Raceway . You must have a current drivers license to compete. It’s a challenging sprint race around a demanding track with a complex set of corners. The aim of the day is to race against the clock to post a, you may say, best qualifying lap time.


Rally Sprint:

We are currently working on which will be at Mareeba Rally Sport Park. You must be 16 years of age and up to compete. For a S1 Rally Sprint, each crew member must hold a minimum of CAMS Level 2S Licence.

You can follow us on facebook: far north queensland motorsports club.

2021 Rules and Regs for Gravel Khanacross

2021 Rules and regualtions for Bitumen