Khanacross is like a giant motorkhana conducted primarily on unsealed surfaces. Similar as a test of driving skills to motorkhanas, but on a course up to 1.5km’s long, khanacross is a great opportunity to learn car control at slightly higher speeds, but again can be enjoyed in everything from a standard road car through to purpose built specials

Do you want to know more about getting involved in a great motor sport event like Khanacross?
Watch this video and see some great footage from the Geelong Motor Sport Club Khanacross event at Avalon 20th July 2014.

A Khanacross is a competition conducted on unsealed surfaces, bitumen or a combination of both and involving a series of timed tests of various layouts.
Each test shall be designed to test the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of the vehicle and the skill and judgement of the driver.
The course for each test is marked by the appropriate use of arrows and/or direction markers.
Khanacross fits in between Motorkhanas and Rallysprints, introducing higher speeds, whilst not requiring high levels of vehicle modification. Vehicle requirements - Safe ad structurally sound with working brakes, steering, suspension and seats/seat belts in good order. Coolant recovery bottle fitted securely. Rally tyres are ok.
Preferably working tail/brake lights and horn in good working order. Also a 1kg fire extinguisher securely fitted in easy reach of the driver. Positive battery terminal covered.
Driver requirements - flame resistant clothing and enclosed shoes, approved AS1698 helmet in good order.
Current CAMS minimum L2NS competition licence and current CAMS affiliated club membership.